New and Need Help, Please.

Welcome to all our family and friends. Patients, families, caregivers, therapists, nurses, doctors, anyone with a concern for and interest in lymphedema is most welcome!!!

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New and Need Help, Please.

Postby amber82 » Fri Jul 06, 2007 7:45 pm

My grandfather has a very swollen leg and I believe it may be lymphedema. I know the swelling was caused by radiation he had years ago when he was fighting cancer. His leg was in a pump for a very long time and they finally said there was nothing they could do for it. He has learned to deal with it and at 88 years old he gets along pretty good. His only problem is that he cant wear shoes. I was wondering if anyone out there knew of a place that sold shoes for people with swollen legs and feet. I would really appreciate the help and I know my grandpa would love a pair of shoes that fits after 10 years. Thanks.
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Postby patoco » Fri Jul 06, 2007 10:57 pm

Hi Amber :)

Super welcome to our family here :!:

If your dad has swelling like you mentioned, especially after radiation and treatment for cancer, I think it is safe to absolutely conclude that it is secondary lymphedema.

The bad thing about pumps used for leg lymphedema is that while they move fluid from the leg, they can cause serious complications.

These include:

Damage to the cutaneous lymphatics.

Trigger increased fibrosis (hardening of tissues)

and 35% of pump users will come down with genital lymphedema.

The best treatment he can have - even at 88 - is manual laymph drainage (also referred to as complex decongestive therapy) by a certified lymphedema therapist.

We sponsor a group for men only called. Men with Lymphedema
and these are suggestions for shoes that some of our men have posted.

Dr. Scholls brand of shoes, available at Wal mart. I buy a couple sizes larger then the worse LE foot. These are like Hush Puppies and are incredibly comfortable, long lasting and actually inexpensive.

Big and Tall men's stores - sometimes these carry a large selection of socks and stockings.

Here are some sites used by one member: ... ?cat=Socks (United Kingdom)

King Size Direct - ... ptId=10837

Another writes:

I do shoes at Zappo's. Great customer service. Don't know whether they do the PayPal thing but check out their website.

Hope this can help :!:

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Postby amber82 » Sat Jul 07, 2007 2:52 am

Thank you so much. Back when he started swelling they tried everything to fix him and nothing worked. He learned to deal with it and now says he's to old to try new things. I just hate seeing him try to put on a shoe that is foot bust out of. Thank you again for the information.
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