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Hi New to site; help for piriformis syndrome and lymphoedema

PostPosted: Sun May 09, 2010 11:46 pm
by kittybet

Just found this site last week and thought may be useful to get some more info/ advice from others. I had radical hysterectomy and pelvic node removal 3.5 years ago from cancer. have been ok since then and train to do triathlons. Just last weekend did bike leg 90kms of half iron man race as a team. (bad ride due to leg problems).

Currently I have got piriformis syndrome ( a form of sciatica)which I was wondering if was exacerbated by a mild lymphoedema in my leg . While on holidays in feb had a long flight home and in spite of flights stockings my left leg was really fat when I got off and took several days to go down with cycling and stockings etc. Leg not swollen now but sore. Medics here not up on lymphoedma at all and sports rehab said may be an issue but not sure. I am aware that a lot of you folk have FAR more issues than I currently have and this will be trivial and selfish of me to ask but I find that those with similar problems can often give good advice and support.

Has anyone had a double whammy like this and does anyone have advice thoughts etc on excercise with lymphoedema and how to manage to do both ??

cheers Kittybet.

Re: Hi New to site; help for piriformis syndrome and lymphoedema

PostPosted: Mon May 10, 2010 10:18 am
by patoco
Hi Kittybet

I do believe that piriformis syndrome could well be aggravated by lymphedema. When the leg swells, you get a great deal of compression on not only the vascular system but all tissues including the nerves.

I'm a really big fan of getting exercise, so congrats on that. The general rule of thumb I advise lymphers to follow is to do exercises that do not cause any type of inflammatory response in their arms or legs. While you may well be able to continue biking, you may have to slow it down a bit and perhaps rethink participating in such programs as the iron man race.

When we trigger an inflammatory response, our bodies try to help by increasing the fluid levels in the insterstitium. basically, this means more swelling. For us, that extra swelling is going to be hard to get rid of.

It's kind of a learn as you go process. LOL...I'm still learning it. I went from being super super active to not being able to do much of anything after everything collapsed in my health in 2006. I'm still learning what I can and can't do.

Hope this helps a bit.

BTW, super welcome to our family here, very happy you joined and look forward to your participation.


Re: Hi New to site; help for piriformis syndrome and lymphoedema

PostPosted: Mon May 10, 2010 8:03 pm
by kittybet

Thanks for that. it's a real sod when the brain says one thing and the body will not come to the party. As i am now on total sit and stay and stretch only regime for 2 to 3 weeks I shall see how it goes when I get back into it if i am ok to do so. Though full iron man is way beyond my scope I would like to do a half iron man whole event next year by myself just to do it and prove to myself and the "alien" which I will not let beat me.( I have named my CC that). However if it is going to be bad long term I will have to go with the flow. Also in doing all this I hope that it gives others in similar circumstances hope that they will be able to achieve too in spite of adversity. Sometimes it is good to hear an upbeat story.

Hope you all have a good day/week