Hello from Scotland

Welcome to all our family and friends. Patients, families, caregivers, therapists, nurses, doctors, anyone with a concern for and interest in lymphedema is most welcome!!!

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Hello from Scotland

Postby Lynora » Wed Oct 11, 2006 3:00 am

Hello everyone! I am a lymphoedema therapist living in Scotland (about 30 miles north of Edinburgh) in a little village called Scotlandwell.

I have got to 'know' Pat over the past few years on other boards (I moderate on uklymph.com) and occasionally have a peek at what is happening on your side of the Pond on this site - this morning I decided to join you!

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Postby silkie » Wed Oct 11, 2006 3:22 am

Hi Lynora

I am In the UK a small place on the pennines in lancashire

I love Scotland Visist friends in Falkirk

I have seen you name on UK Lymph

I have been to Glasgow when i ran out of skin glue met a lady called Marie

she was lovely really helpful

Where are you doing therapy? let me have your addy etc i talk to a few people in Scotland and often refer them to Glasgow

I have seen some posting from you on uk lymph

Great to have you here

look forward to your postings



I have primary lymph lover limbs and lip my left arm is also affected
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Postby patoco » Wed Oct 11, 2006 8:02 am

Hi Ya Lynora :D

Just wanted to add my welcome to Silkie's. Made an ole IRishman's day to have you join us :!: :!: :wink:

Let me give a plug too for



It is a great site and Lynora does a fabulous job as a moderator, so to our visitors and members, go take a look....you won't be disappointed. It is one of my very favorite sites.

Again, welcome Lynora...relax...have a spot of tea and look forward to your participation.

Pat 8)
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