I'm back!

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I'm back!

Postby teddiv » Fri Dec 22, 2006 2:40 pm

Hello my friends! I was just brought home today after a long six weeks in hospital. I'm kind of tired so this will not be a long post but I wanted you to know that I am still among the living.

I am now living most of the time in a wheelchair ( and there's another whole story that goes with that when I have more strength)but I hope to work my way out of it as I go along.

I don't remember what day M called 911 and had me taken to the hospital but it was sometime in October. I was there 4 days and then they sent me to the Mayo for tests (really awful). After 4 days there, they sent me back to Mercy - I was there for three more days and then they transferred me to their skilled nursing floor where I received a full 30 days of intravenous antibiotics. So I guess It's been a little over six weeks.

During that time, my husband who is disorganized anyway, tried to do everything and actually accomplished almost nothing. I have arrived home to piles of mail (most of it unopened), he was supposed to have the house clean and reorganized for my return but that did not happen either. The television has been turned off for lack of payment and heaven only knows what else. It looks like I have my hands full trying to get back some semblance of order.

That's about all I can manage for now. More later.

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Postby silkie » Sat Dec 23, 2006 1:26 am

Hiya Teddi

Great to see you

I have been thinking about you hoping all was well

Hey you have come home . Try not to let the stress levels get to high(i know easier said than done) take care of you

speak to yu later when you less tired


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