Glad I've found you!!!

Welcome to all our family and friends. Patients, families, caregivers, therapists, nurses, doctors, anyone with a concern for and interest in lymphedema is most welcome!!!

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Glad I've found you!!!

Postby cansurvive58 » Mon Jan 15, 2007 11:29 am

Hi Everyone,
Wow! I'm finally not feeling so alone in dealing with this! Since 1989, the cancer is gone, but now I'm dealing with the after effects of the radiation, chemo and multiple surgeries. I've had left leg lymphedema for quite some time with a lot of complications including cellulitis and infections almost constantly, so finding this website has already given me so much information that I've never known. The best part is that now there is information I can share with my doctor to help her treat me!

I've always felt so lucky to be alive and living a fairly normal life, but then there are times (like when I wake up in the middle of the night, shivering so badly I'm shaking the bed, and feeling like I've been hit by a truck) that I know I need to find out exactly what I'm dealing with so that I can hopefully treat it. One of my doctors did put me on lymph massage therapy for six weeks and compression bandages, which I have to confess, I haven't kept up with -it just seems so cumbersome and uncomfortable! He also gave me a prescription for antibiotics, which I've taken several courses of, but never saw much improvement. The symptoms usually only last a few days and then pretty much go away. Now, though, I see that I probably just didn't give it enough of a chance to work. I have had the feeling that this is progressive and could be causing permanent damage every time I get the fever, heat, redness and swelling in my legs, the lymphorrhea, but it goes away so quickly, that I have gone forward, gladly forgetting about it and going about my busy schedule. As is usually the case, finding this site has reinforced the fact that I am really lucky in a lot of ways, but it has also shown me that if I just let it go, things can get worse.

Thank you everyone who is involved in this site, for helping in so many ways. The information is priceless, and the support immeasurable! This is my new favorite site! The plan is to research everything possible until I'm sure of what I'm dealing with and then get it treated the right way to hopefully prevent further damage!!

I hope I can find some new friends here so that I can maybe join in and spread the support and encouragement that you've already given me :)
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Postby patoco » Sat Feb 03, 2007 8:15 pm

Hey Cancurvive :)

Sorry for the lengthy "non-reply," came at a time when I was in the hospital, so I am just now getting through everything.

I too experience that shivering you mentioned and the pain of having been hit by that truck. I think it comes with lymphedema as so many many of us experience it.

The treatment can be frustrating because sometimes, the improvements don't show up right off the bat....just hang in there....keep doing what you need to do to help yourself and you will see the results.

Again, please accept my apologies for the very very late response. I am glad you found us and joined. Please feel free to post any questinos or concerns - we're all here for you :!: :!:

Pat O'Connor
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Postby silkie » Sun Feb 04, 2007 3:37 am

Hi Cancurvive

Big welcome my apologies to i had one of those couple of weeks where
the brain and the body were in different locations

So glad you found us

the info is the best. The people are so supportive

all your questions just ask

Silkie xxxxxxxxxx
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Thanks for your replies - have question

Postby cansurvive58 » Tue Feb 06, 2007 8:49 pm

Hi Pat and Silkie,

Thanks for answering my message. I hope you're doing much better now that you're out of the Hospital. I feel that I've learned a lot just looking at both of your responses to questions, and that is much appreciated.

Have either of you heard whether yoga is good or harmful for limbs with lymphedema? I know that there are some poses that are painful and tight, but then there are others that seem that they might benefit by raising the leg (or arm) and keeping it in that position for a period of time, to drain some of the lymph fluid back into the system. My friend is a yoga instructor and she has been looking into this a little. She has even asked several of her friends who are instructors, and they feel that it could be helpful. I just wondered if you had ever found any information about this.

Thanks for your help!

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