Need help dealing with nausia

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Need help dealing with nausia

Postby pattidee » Thu Dec 18, 2008 10:45 pm

Hello everyone:

I am absolutely thrilled to have found this website! My 16 year old daughter has just recently diagnosed with lymphedema after 6 years of going to doctor after doctor, trying to determine why her ankles and feet were swollen. While it is wonderful to finally find a cause and start treatment, she is very nausious and cannot keep any food down. This has been going on for two weeks, since the massage treatments started. Her doctor prescribed something to help but it hasn't worked at all. The good thing is the results of her treatment are dramatic! The most swollen foot is about 1/3 the size it was. The bad news is that she can't go to school or really do anything because of the vomiting and diarrea.

Has anyone had experience with this? Any suggestions on what we can do to make her feel better?

I appreciate any help we can get.

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Re: Need help dealing with nausia

Postby ellita » Sun Apr 12, 2009 4:10 pm

Hello there!

How well i understand your daughter and you, as I developed lymphedema when I was 17 and it was a very difficult situation to deal with. When I developed lymphedema I had the same reaction as your daughter - I could not keep any food down, even water at times. I was sent for endoscopy, but everything was fine. Doctors told me that I have reflux and have to monitor my diet. They also prescribed some medicine which did not work at all. My nausea decreased with time, and stopped being a problem.
Later, when I went to college and took classes in developmental psychology, I realized that my nausea might have been more of a psychological factor and not so much physicall. Having lymphedema as teenager, when you are getting used to your new body and have a specific idea of what a "beautiful" body should be is really debilitating. In a way my nausea was a way of rejecting my own body, and the nourishment, maybe out of fear of putting any extra pounds and thus making yourself even more disfigured... As I realized, my nausea was a form of some kind of eating disorder, I dont' know... I am so sorry for ringing this onto you, I understand how your heart cries for your daughter now, but give her some time, this condition is life's test for her and will make her only stronger... Maybe I don't know what I am talking about, and there is a medical explanation of the relation between lymphedema and nausea.. But I will tell you for sure, it will pass, she will find the most beautiful way of dealing her situation.

Lots of light and love,

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Re: Need help dealing with nausia

Postby Kim » Fri Apr 17, 2009 2:30 am

Hello Pattidee,

What a relief to have your daughter's condition finally diagnosed. Though I am not a teenager by far :lol: , i do know what it is to have LE. I've had it for 5 years, and all I can say is time...time will help your daughter...and you, mom, in accepting this diagnosis and learning how to live well with it. As this can all be overwhelming, keep in mind that your daughter has does not have her; it does not have to become her life.

As far as the nausea and diarrhea go...I work for my therapist and have heard her mention many times about taking therapy slow with new lymphedema patients for that very reason. Massage therapy is wonderful and necessary, but what is happening is all of the toxins that have been accumulating over the years are being stirred up and the body is getting rid of it. As therapy continues and the toxins break up and leave the body, there will be less toxins, therefore less nausea and diarrhea. Have you mentioned this to your daughter's therapist? He/she could maybe ease up a little in the intensity of the sessions or space them out a little more. Some people have trouble reacting to the toxins and others not so much. Everyone is unique, even when it comes to lymphedema. Also, several small meals a day is easier on the system rather than 3 heavier meals...depending on what your lifestyle is. Drinking lots of water is important as well as it helps flush the toxins out of the body more readily.

On the upside, how wonderful that your daughter is responding so well to therapy! YEAH!! :D That is fabulous! And how blessed your daughter is to have her mom beside her, cheering her on and being her support. Keep up the good work, mom, and be sure and take care of yourself too. :)

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