New Shoes

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New Shoes

Postby blubrdfrend » Thu Dec 13, 2012 3:07 am

I have new shoes. A friend found a site on the net I ordered a size 7 in a 5E width. The company also carries 6E and 7E widths. These shoes are leather and have a really wide toe. I can actually wiggle my toes. My toes have been so cramped that there are calluses between them. The right shoe is too wide. I emailed the company and told them how much I like my shoes. I explained that I was still working on the right shoe to make it fit snugger. Tom emailed me and explained that the shoes were heat set. I wet a wash cloth and placed it inside the heel of the shoe. I then heated it with a hair dryer. I squeezed the heel until it cooled and the heel was smaller. Actually I used duct tape to hold it. This is Texas where everything can be fixed with duct tape. The heel doesn't slip now and inserts fixed the inside.
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