Test Results - A little of Everything

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Test Results - A little of Everything

Postby PamelaS » Fri Jun 22, 2007 6:26 pm

This morning I saw a rheumatologist due to the ongoing pain in my hands and feet. My primary had numerous blood tests taken and the specialist was also sent the results. Here goes a summary of what we spoke about:

1. osteoarthritis in all areas of the spine - no surprise as it is common in my family.

2. neuropathy in the hands and feet - different causes.
neuropathy in hands combo of pre-existing CTS + lymph.
neuropathy in feet due to chemotherapy

3. osteoarthritis in shoulders, elbows and knees

4. tendon damage in fingers and feet

I will be having xrays of the shoulders, elbows, knees and hands and feet for more results. Regular physical therapy is recommended for the back.

There is a hospital near me with a lymph. therapist/clinic which is assocciated with a university, which she also wants me to see. Now the trick is seeing if my damn insurance will give me the referral/authorization.

Diabetes had been suspected but fasting glucose was normal. Also normal was blood pressure, cholesterol and thyroid as well as Sed. Rate.

I was prescribed Darvon 65 (65 mg) twice daily for the pain and it is effective for this pain.

I indicated that I did not feel CTS surgery was a good idea due to lymph. I also want the input of the lymphedema PT.

Hopefully I have not confused you with all this information. I had a time getting it all straight initially.

Now on Monday to call the primary and start getting the referrals......story of my life. And all the while hubby and I have both had bronchitis - finally starting to slow down.

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Postby patoco » Sat Jun 23, 2007 1:06 pm

Hey Pamela :)

Thanks for the update :!: :!:

Sounds like some painful situations you have there. Osteoarthritis can in excrutiating so. Hope the Darvon helps. Will they have you on any supplements or medicines to help with that?

Kind of relieved to hear your not going thru with the CTS...maybe in that situation, the physical therapist can be of real value too. Have your doc put in the request for referral/authorization on the basis of medical necessity. We have letters of medical neccesity

Lymphedema Letter of Medical Necessity

http://www.lymphedemapeople.com/thesite ... essity.htm

This may help as well:


http://www.lymphedemapeople.com/thesite ... panies.htm

Keep us posted.....

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