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Trips by air with Reidsleeves

PostPosted: Wed Apr 11, 2007 9:13 pm
by lucygirl
I wonder if anyone has had the experience of transporting Reidsleeves for the legs while using the airlines. The carrying bag is quite long (leg length) and a bit cumbersome as well. Do any of you carry this bag on as carryon luggage or do you check it through as baggage? This is my first trip by air with Reidsleeves.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 13, 2007 9:52 pm
by gottahavesun
Hey Lucy,
I have traveled quite a bit with my reid sleeves for my legs and optiflow rms for my arms and I actually wear them on the flight. They cost way too much money to check and worry about them being lost, and they offer wonderful compression during the flight. What I normally do is change into shorts once I get thru security and get a preboard pass, so I can get on early. While I'm waiting to board I put on all my gear--now with all my limbs covered with big blue michalan man things I'm sure I look kinda of funny, but I'm use to it by now and would rather have the compression on the flight than freighting about my reid sleeves making it to my destination.

I hope you have a great trip!

PostPosted: Sat Apr 14, 2007 6:50 am
by lucygirl
Thanks, Gottahavesun. That's certainly a different approach, but makes
good sense. I appreciate your input. Lucygirl

PostPosted: Mon May 07, 2007 10:00 pm
by marigold
Oh gosh, I'd like to see a cartoon of someone getting on the airplane all encased in big blue quilting! :lol: :lol: But for sure, we have to get used to being stared at...for one reason or another.
I have a big blue quilted legging by CircAid, but it does fold. That and everything else I squeeze into luggage. I prefer to put the garments in carry-on and check less expensive, more replaceable items. Haha, I sound like someone who travels a lot...actually, last fall I went on a 2-day trip by plane (business) and a one-week trip (visiting relatives and attending the AARP convention in So Cal). The big challenge was not my LE garments, it was that new rule about liquids, creams, all the cosmetic items one can't do without. All the things one used to pack into a carry-on now must be checked or done without. :x

PostPosted: Tue May 08, 2007 7:45 pm
by gottahavesun
lol--should I get my hubby to video tape me in all my garb getting on the airplane and put it on U Tube(isn't that the one that has all the crazy stuff on there). OMG you should see me sitting in the seat--of course spilling onto my hubby or son's seat. I know I'm funny looking in them and give people something to talk about or ask me out and I just see it as another opportunity to get the word and knowledge out about le. I have also from the start wore skirts and shorts and short sleeves, so I guess I just let it all hang out. I was thinking I sure wish we have LE tshirts with the signs of LE on the back, so we could be walking billboards to share our knowledge to all the people that are too embarrassed to ask of questions when we are out and about. Maybe I'll contact NLN to see if that is something they can do. I have the blue wristbands but would like something more visible as well.