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think I may have lupus and not LE!

PostPosted: Thu May 17, 2007 9:29 am
by angel
Hello, just back from holiday and have an update.
My mother has been diagnosed with SLE -lupus. I am still waiting for my MRI results and getting more and more frustrated.
I really enjoyed my holiday at eurodisney but was in pain walking alot of the time. The fluid has now moved into both arms and next to both knees-it is just spreading all over. I seem to have all the same symptoms as my mum has -swollen joints, puffiness, tiredness,pains in hands,hair loss,sweats.I also have a red rash on my face,ulcers,hyperpigmentation., allergy to sun.
I have been tested for lupus and am awaiting the results. I just want to know so I can get on the meds if I have it, and get on with it.
My therapist ahs told my mum dshe is at a loss as to what to do with me since my swelling is all over my body, although she has been very helpful, but I tend to tell her where I feel I am in the most discomfort and we work on that due to the time constraint of an hour. I am seeing her on Sat, and was hopin g to have my Mri results by then, but as I said nothing yet.
Still got the geneticist to go to in June.