Blessed with a great friend

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Blessed with a great friend

Postby Nancy Bush » Fri May 18, 2007 7:10 pm

The last time I wrote the forum was May 5th, and I told about my first hospital visit to treat the Cellulitis I developed.

Other than the hospital bill hanging over my head, some positive things have been happening in my life since that hospital, and it's primarily due to the actions of my very dear friend, Pauline.

I've know her about 20 years. She was my boss at work for about 12 years, and we maintained our friendship even after we no longer worked together. She called me every day while I was in the hospital, and I confessed to her what a mess I had let my life become since my boyfriend of 20 years, died 3 years ago.

I didn't know that I had LE then, but I did crazy things after he passed, like buying items from home shopping networks, and then never opening the packages once they arrived. Several rooms in my house looked like a storgage unit instead of a home. I also let mail pile up for 3 years. Not the important stuff, but the items you put to one side to shred, or just throw away. You have no idea how much paperwork that is, and it was in bags all around my house.

Pauline called two days after I was released from the hospital, and said she was coming to see me. She lives in California. She flew in 2 days later, and it was like a hurricane descending on me and my home. She didn't stop at her hotel, but came directly to my house, and was off and running.

She opened all the packages with me, and separated the stuff into future yard sale items, things I wanted to keep, or throw away. She snagged a couple of neighborthood kids to help haul things out to the garage for the yard sale. She also rented a dumpster, and by the time she was through 2 days later, the thing was full. Since my mobility was limited, my job was to shred all that accumulated mail. Luckily, one of my unopened packages was a new shredder :lol:

She was unbelievable....I couldn't believe her energy and determination. Did I mention the fact that she's 64 years old :o

My house looks like a home again, and the lift to my spirits has been unbelievable. I don't have a "smidge" of depression left, and have hope once again in my life. I feel like the "me" I was before my boyfriend died, and look forward to what my future will bring. I didn't feel that way a month ago, and it's due in a large part to Pauline, and all she did for me.

I have the best friends in the world, and will never shut them out of my life again. Everything that has happened to me since my hospital visit has been positive and life affirming. I'm no longer afraid of what is to come, and feel better than I have in years.....even with the LE.

Life is good, and I can't seem to stop smiling :D
Nancy Bush
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Postby LadyDi » Fri May 18, 2007 10:46 pm

What a beautiful post!!!...Its so nice to hear someone has positive things happening to them even though they have LE. YOU GO GIRL.....and God bless your friend for helping you. :D You made me smile just by posting your happiness.
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Postby silkie » Sat May 19, 2007 2:12 am

Hi Nancy

I too am blessed with a friend like yours

we met when we started school and have been friends ever since

thru the last few months she has lifted my spirit , made me laugh,

and sat thru hours of boring treatments been there on the darkest days

i guess she believed in me and encouraged me when i forgot to believe in myself

our wonderful friends what would we do without them

her name is linda we have been mates for 47 years

The mails from Pat these months have been a God send

from USA to the UK there friendship and encouragement have

lifted me kept me going when I was so discouraged and feeling so tired

The strength good friends give you is imeasurable

huggggggggg Silksxxxxxxxxx

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