Elevation, elevation, elevation & compression

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Elevation, elevation, elevation & compression

Postby OzClaire » Thu Jun 05, 2008 9:35 pm

Hello everyone,

I'm new to this site (which I think is great, congratulations Pat ... but I'm "old" when it comes to LE ... I'm 60 now & have had LE (Milroy's Disease) since I was born ... though it didn't show up in me til I was 5 ... and I've just connected it with having my tonsils out :idea: .... dumb, dumb :roll:

To cut a long story short, I'm one of a long line in my family with LE and probably the most thoughtful/observant (having 2 of my 3 sons inheriting LE was really mind focusing :!: ) ... anyone related to the Coffees of Warsaw, Wyoming County or Guelph, Ontario :?: Stewarts/Moloneys of Sydney Australia :?:

But to elevation ... when I was growing up they made me wear a compression stockings during the day (you can imagine how a young girl felt about that in the days of skirts only for girls!! :oops: ) ... elevation wasn't considered at all and I was expected to carry on as normal .... an aunt who had it used to stay in bed til 10am every day and although my dad (who had it too) used to say 'Aunt Mil does this to keep her legs down' he & my mum wouldn't let me do it ... even got me into trouble for doing it. WRONG!!! WRONG!!! WRONG!!!!!

I've found as the years have gone by that

  • elevation that is, keeping the feet slightly above hip height or the arm above shoulder height, and
  • compression, preferably 24 hours a day if your doctor allows it, with stockings (of 30psi or higher & renewed every 3 months) and/or bandages and
  • exercise -- well, itty, bitty exercise -- i.e. not standing or sitting still for long periods. Both are bad.
    Move the feet, arms etc. For example, sit and mimic walking with the feet, squeeze the hand into a fist. all helps to pump the fluid out of the area
are absolutely crucial to the management of LE particularly following an injury to the area

Regrettably, at this point a cure isn't possible ... but I'm really impressed with the research and greater knowledge out there ... until about 20 years ago it was "Milroy's Disease :!: :?: ", Lymyphoedema :!: :?: from everyone who should know, especially doctors ... though the oncologists had some clues :roll: . So chins up guys, we mightn't be cured but our children & grandchildren might be whether the LE is of hereditary or other origin ... and we are going to be part of bringing that cure about :P
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