Lymphedema & Pleural Effusion

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Lymphedema & Pleural Effusion

Postby queenphoton » Wed Sep 10, 2008 5:41 pm

My father is now 84yrs old. He has had Left Leg lymphedema starting back when he was in his 40's. Basically only took water pills and tried wearing special stockings, but due to the nature of his work, didn't wear them all the time.
Over the years, not much changed as far as meds. go and his Dr. didn't seem to due too much even when now his right leg is large. Both legs mearsure about 29" around - below the knee.
He got sick in March 2008 and was treated for severe Congestive Heart Failure, well, after undergoing many heart test, he was still short of breath. Now he went to a Pulmonologist and he drain the left sided pleural effusion in July 2008. No really big results came from that except let's wait and see. Well, he is still somewhat SOB and I feel that this is all a part of the lymphedema. His PCP said he didn't think so, but after reading many posts, I think so.

Question: Is there specialized DRs in this field and may believe that this fluid build up in the lungs is from lymphedema?

Does any of you in this forum have/had pleural effusions?

What should one do to help prevent this?

Watch salt intake and how much should one have of salt daily?
He take Bumex and aldactone for water pills
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Re: Lymphedema & Pleural Effusion

Postby juliebean » Mon Sep 15, 2008 8:27 pm

hi. I have had lymphedema my whole life. i always had it on the left side my arm, hand, leg, foot, and fluid (p.e.) around my heart and left lung. I'm 28 years old and had never had any fluid or problems with the right side i had also never had anything drained until recently. i woke up one morning not able to breath very good and gasping for air i was so pale my lips were blue so my husband called 911 they came and said my oxygen was very low so they gave me some and rushed me to the hospital. after an xray the doc said you have a partially collapsed right lung due to fluid around it i said are you sure it's the right lung he said he was sure and that either he need to drain some off now or i might end up on a ventilator. so i said lets drain they did and they tested it and said it was lymph fluid. and to make an even longer story short i was sent home after about 4 days. 2 weeks later i went to my doctor for a follow up. he did an xray and some fluid had came back so a week later i went and had the fluid drained again. its been about 2and a half weeks now and i guess it's helped some but i'm worried that it will just keep coming back and i don't want to keep draining it off cause man that junk hurts! now to answer your questions... my doctors say the fluid around my lungs and heart are from my lymphedema too. i take lasix (water pill) everyday and try to watch my salt intake too. my doctors restricted me to 2grams of sodium a day. exercise if possible is said to help some. well good luck with your father! and god bless. also i dont think i mentioned this before i'm on a low fat diet too.
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Re: Lymphedema & Pleural Effusion

Postby queenphoton » Mon Sep 22, 2008 7:32 pm

Thank you so much for the response. He is a whole lot older than you, and hasn't had the collasped lung, but the fluid. His was drained in July 08 and now it seems to be coming back. It too came back as nothing. Actually, I don't think it really totally went away. But the funny thing, after the procedure, his leg size went down as if the draining was from all over. Now his legs went up 1/2" already and he is staying the same in his weight. But I feel he was losing weight and now that is at a hault.
He too takes all kinds of water pills, bumex and aldactone, so that part is covered, but I wished he could take more. I'm trying to teach him on the salt restrictions, but as an older man, going out to eat is his excitement for the day. So, if not for that he would be in the house a lot of the time. So I have been trying to tell him what to order and that's is really hard.
I feel salt is a big problem for him and it takes twice as long, if not longer for him to rid that from his already overloaded body. thanks
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