pleural effusion

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pleural effusion

Postby queenphoton » Wed Nov 12, 2008 6:34 pm

Went to a pulmonologist today with my father who is 84yrs old and has had sever lymphedema in his legs for many many years. Basically had not treatment for them.
Now he has had pleural effusion drained in Aug 08 and it's back again. They feel that it's probably from lympehdema due to the fact it has no place to go and the system isn't working well.
He will probably have it drained soon, this Dr. explained that he may need to have the talc procedure done in time since the fluid will keep coming back.
Anyone have this problem and did you have the talc procedure done? Did it help?
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Re: pleural effusion

Postby Cindy » Wed Nov 19, 2008 3:43 pm

Hello I have not this problem. But I know Pat does. I wrote to him a week or more ago and he has not answered me so I am worried he is sick again. You might try emailing him. I am sorry to hear about your father.
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Re: pleural effusion

Postby patoco » Thu Nov 20, 2008 7:50 am

Hi Eveyone

Cindy, I haven't seen an email from you, please resend it and I'll keep a look out for it.

I thought too I had send a lengthy email response on the pleural effusion. We have another person who joined and who wrote me off list about it, so I sent a lengthy detail letter.

This pleural effusion is serious and if my experience is an example, it may not get any better. They too tried the talc procedure and it only worked a little bit. Infact, I was in bed one night and when I turned over, I could feel the lung lining pulling apart from other membrane that the talc is supposed to seal it too. about a strange experience. :o

It was getting to the point that every few weeks I was having over 2 quaarts of fluid removed from each lung.

In April, my pulmonologist had a device called a Pleurx catheter put in each lung cavity. Tubes are inserted into each side and actually come out a coupple inches away from where they are inserted. These circle around the lung cavity. Then every other day, I hook up these small liter bottles and drain the lungs.

LOL...I know sounds horrible :wink: , but it really has made a significant difference for me. The biggest danger is suppose to be from infection (you must must must keep the area clean) - but, I haven't had a single bit of problems.

While I am very hesitant to recommend the talc procedure, for recurring serious effusions I highly recommend the pleurx system.

Here is the patient info page:

Hope this helps :!:

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