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Re: Hello - lots of questions

PostPosted: Mon Apr 23, 2012 6:40 am
by patoco
Hi Rustic

Super welcome to the famly here.

LOL..lots of really good questions too!

Most of us get immediate worsening of the swelling without our compression bandages and/or garments on. I sure do.

I have had several lymphoscintigraphy tests done. The first one done way back in the 60's (lymphangiogram back then) showed that I am missing significant inguinal lymph nodes. With me that has been made even worse as a number of years ago some of the only ones I had became malignant.

A more recent one showed the lymph system on the right chest side has basically shut down and has the thoracic duct.
We believe these two things happened as a response to chemo therapy I had.

BTW, the heavy foam underneath may be good to at least try just in case it might help.

Swimming is the absolute best exercise for lymphers. The gentle pressure of the water against the legs acts much like decongestive massage therapy and helps move a significant amount of fluid from the limbs. LOL...I tell my jock friends that I may not be able to catch them in a road race - but I'll wipe them out in a swimming competition :)

Keep up on the exercises too, not only will they help the LE (lymphedema), but they are great for over all body health too!

As away on the questions, that's why were here :wink:


Re: Hello - lots of questions

PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, 2012 6:51 am
by patoco
Hi again :)

That rebound in your ankle could well be a combination of the venous problems in conjunction with the lymphatic issues. I have a relative that deals with that as well.

He actually comes from a family of hereditary lymphedema, but did not show any signs of it until a massive venous emergency in his leg. Then boom, the LE started aggressively.

I use to see a dramatic decrease in swelling from swimming. But, I haven't done any swimming since my whole chest/abdomen issue.

30 laps in 35 minutes is some serious swimming. I would ask the LE therapist about this too and see if they can think of a reason for the lack of swelling decrease. Is there any chance of getting a chest/ab lymphoscintigraphy test?


Re: Hello - lots of questions

PostPosted: Thu Apr 26, 2012 3:24 pm
by blubrdfrend
Welcome Rustic, You might want to give some thought to the compression pump. I used one years ago and decided to stop using it. There is a possibility that it can cause problems. The compression pump will get the fluid out of the leg or arm but it can push the fluid into the tissues where there are no vessels. I found that about 2 hours after using the pump my leg was back like it was when I started. I am not sure now if my leg just became worse over time or if the pump caused problems.