A long time gone

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A long time gone

Postby Barbara Gallagher » Tue Jun 13, 2006 8:11 am

It has been ages since I posted here and have missed everyone. The new boards look wonderful, Pat! Thanks for the hard work in keeping us together. Just a quick update on me- I have been on an intense weight reduction program (not gastric bypass) and have lost the weight I gained after the last disastrous surgery-- 158 pounds, a total lost now of 237 pounds. I mention this because I didn't have a diagnosed condition of LE in the beginning and the surgery to remove the excess skin on my arms resulted in swelling all over. Short term massage and compression garments were prescribed and a specialist recommended weight loss with the comment that it usually brought some relief, though it is not known exactly why. Well, I was skeptical after hearing for years how weight loss was the miracle cure for any condition I had. I hated the LE swelling enough to go back to the program that had helped me lose 240 pounds just before the LE kicked in. That was September 19 last year. Well, the good news is that the weight is off and the swelling IS more manageable --I am able to go without the garments many days without too much problem. When I have the swelling start, I use the compression (though I have had to have them refitted so often). I just wanted people struggling with their weight to take heart and know that it CAN help and may be the best thing you do for yourself in so many ways. I have BEEN there -- and I even have another 50 I want to lose. I am having some new surgery next week -- and had to stop the program for a few weeks but will return to it. When I lost it before, I maintained the loss for 2 years with exercise and journaling/food planning. The program I have been with is extreme - run by a endocrinologist and bariatric physician at a hospital, it includes a psychologist, exercise physiologist and a nutritionist with the medical team who intensely monitor your progress and blood/urine/ECG results. It is a food replacement plan (the one I am on) but I can honestly say I have had no problem with it at all - no hunger after the first few days, no medical issues from the program, and personally no problem adhering to it. I just plain feel better. I never thought I could feel this good again when I suffered from the LE so badly. For those who have been advised to lose weight to see if it helps -- it helped me. I was inspired by another member of this board to take this step -- I think he was Memphis? His good cheer and humor (and success story) gave me hope. I hope mine gives you some, too.
Barbara Gallagher
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Postby marigold » Sun Jun 25, 2006 7:42 pm

Barbara, thanks for posting about your remarkable weight loss and your overall improvement. It's thrilling and I am sure will give hope to some others. I'm very happy for you. :)
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Postby gary1955 » Mon Jun 26, 2006 6:05 pm

That is great news Barbara!! Pass some of that on to me so I can do the same!!! :D
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