mld of abdomen/stoamch

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mld of abdomen/stoamch

Postby butterfly » Fri Aug 04, 2006 5:07 pm

Pat-further to your helpful answer about the le in both legs i'm wondering if you have a link to the abdominal massage you suggested-my therapist said her mld dosen't cover teaching me the massage it's not the vodder method she does apparntely-she says she will investigate the answer-just wondering if you have the info in the meantime. she also said that bandaging for me would not be appropriate due to the location of my le and the fact tahe fact its is being kept under control by regular weekly mld. Also wondering what will be the decline in my le if I don't get the mld so often and how quickly would this affect me-I won't be able to go for mld as much soon due to the fact that I rely on others on transport--this going once a week is not feasible or realistic.should I being carrying out mld techniques myself?

Postby patoco » Sat Aug 05, 2006 9:13 am

Hi ya Butterfly

Here is our page on lymphedema self massage: ... .php?t=227

Because clearing the abdominal lymphatics is a precusor to either leg or arm massage, this info on this page regarding the ab massage will work.

If lymphedema is in the abdominal area, I agree that wrapping may not be a solution. But there are abdominal compression garments that may help.

You can see examples of these at the following links:

Solaris-Tribute ... ction.html


Hope this helps!

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Postby butterfly » Sat Aug 05, 2006 11:51 am

thanks pat -brilliant links. The problem with the wrapping with me would be the fact that the le is in my hip/top thigh area and right bottom. But these jovi-pack garments look great. Hopefully prof. Mortimer will suggest some sort of garment that is suitable-so my therapist and I hope. At the moment I'm wearing run of the mill compression shorts very cheap from an online a underwear online store reccomneded in the lsn newsletter. I also have full compression grade 1 tights that I will be wearing in winter-which I agreed with my therapist on thurs. Thankyou for your help!

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