Good Thing my Lymph. is in my Arm....

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Good Thing my Lymph. is in my Arm....

Postby PamelaS » Thu Aug 24, 2006 5:48 am

because I do believe that klutzie here succeeded in breaking my toe this morning. I smacked it against the coffee table and it really hurt. Since it is black and blue and a tiny bit swollen I'm presuming it's broke. I've already taped the two toes together to give it support. That's all the doctor would've done if I'd gone anyway and they won't cast it.

I can't believe I've only got 6 days left to work and managed to pull this off.

Hope you're all doing well and at least you get a chucke of my story.


P.S. What ought to be fun is trying to wear a nice pair of shoes to my friend's wedding on Saturday - I'd better start figuring that out too!
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Postby butterfly » Thu Aug 24, 2006 9:45 am

poor you! Hope your foot gets better soon!

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