tissue hardness

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tissue hardness

Postby butterfly » Sat Aug 26, 2006 11:47 am

Just been to see therapist today. Arm still slightly swollen. She says my leg is suprisingly soft even after my bout of celluitis and she has felt it firmer. just about at the end of the antibiotics. Just wondering does anybody know what the rhyme or reason is for hardness/ softness of tissue? I know an infection is supposed to make the tissues firmer but not in my case yet I do get the tissue being hard very often. Wondering if it's beacuse obviously I'm resting more and not a t work? Any ideas. Thanks.

Postby patoco » Sat Aug 26, 2006 6:09 pm

Hi ya Butterfly :)

That hardness comes about as a result of the collection of proteins within the interstitial tissues. Most of us with lymphedema may experience it. Decongestive therapy is important because it not only removes the fluid, but helps remove this protein as well.

Here is our page on fibrosis:


http://www.lymphedemapeople.com/thesite ... brosis.htm

Here's an interesting thing. I find that when I am at home, I actually have more of a problem with this hardness then when at work. The nly thing I can figure is that at work, I move my arm much more, which helps the fluid flow.

Now at home, I am paying more attention to arm exercises and arm self massage.

Pat 8)
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Postby butterfly » Sun Aug 27, 2006 1:41 pm

thanks Pat. still feeling tired today. Not quite feeling the full effects of my mld today yet. Usually feel much better afterwards. going back to work on wed for three days =wed, thurs,sat then off on annual leave for a week. Thanks for the link. never realised about the protein.
your advice and help always appreciated!

Postby JonquilJan » Sat Oct 21, 2006 3:52 pm

About the hardness - fibrosus issue. I have secondary lymphedema of the left leg - for 36 years. The skin has gradually thickened over the years - I now compare it to the other leg as the difference between skin and hide. Have been hospitalized multiple (between 25-30) times for cellulitius - and have had debulking surgery.

But I have been in phsyical therapy for the past 7 months - for strength building and conditioning - not concentrating on the lymphedema or the leg other than as part of an entire body to be worked upon. My leg is much softer - continuously - although the skin remains thickened. No one is sure just why this change has occurred - but it has. Leg has also reduced in overall size a bit - something not seen isince the debulking surgery 27 years ago.

So the difference between softness of the limb when at home and at work could very possibly be because of the increased movement.

I also have regained feeling in the leg - which had been numb for decades. My physical therapist - who does not work on lymphedema and has, with me, learned a great deal more about the condition - is working on the physiology behind this - something we all could consider.

A permanent condition - but I have found some relief - not expected - after all these years.

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