le still moving!

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le still moving!

Postby butterfly » Wed Dec 13, 2006 7:52 am

Hi, hope you are all okay and looking forward to a great holiday season.
Just checking into say that my le is still moving about. On sat at work my right foot was killing me and had fluid in it. Then on Sunday night my face started up a bit . It was like from face to foot..
On Monday I was in total agony at work with le on the right side of my face which i have sometimes. The pain was incerdible. I did try to do mld on my neck as shown by my therapist and sat with both feet up that evening. I felt quite sick and shaky. I then started to feel better but the le then seemed to trvel from that bit in my head to my right foot. I am now full of the cold-I never get colsa and my mouth ulcers are back. Just feeling really run down down sore,itchy dry throat too. Last night I thought my face was going up really again last night so I slept with both legs on a long cushion.
and so I am hoping it will stay down as much as it can-I still have fluid in my face just about all the time to some lesser extent.Can't stay off work due to my bad sickness record. I am only allowed so many days in the next six months and I never know how long I will be off when I am ill so I don not want to be medically retired whichg will happened if i move up the company's ladder of sickness. Desperate to keep job I really love it.
thoughts anyone? Can a cold have an affect on le? Going to see therapist on sat.

colds and LE

Postby suzeeq » Wed Dec 13, 2006 6:26 pm

Hi Butterfly, This is my opinion only and not based on any experience, but I would think that a cold could possibly affect lymph flow. The lymph nodes in our necks can become swollen with sore throats, mono, mumps and other viruses. So it would make sense that if the nodes were swollen there, then the lymph fluid would be more difficult to move. And the MLD might not help as much when the nodes are swollen. I guess the usual advice would apply - rest, drink plenty of liquids, and the best healer - time. 7-10 days for a cold. Take care! Susan
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