Tell me how you connect the 3: lymphedema, not allowed, weight gain

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Tell me how you connect the 3: lymphedema, not allowed, weight gain

Postby sweetsiren » Sun Dec 24, 2006 5:02 pm

Hi there,

I'm a 27 year old young woman, doing my best to manage my primary lymphedema in both legs. Like many of us on here, I have been fighting the battle of the bulge for a good portion of my life now and have had this condition since the age of 4.
Now, just because many of us have so many health issues to compare and combat...I'm sure at one point or another whether you're a man or woman...sexual intimacy (whether you're married or single) with a partner has not crossed your mind with this condition.
I mean, especially for those who have LE you feel that this condition along with any weight/other health issue you may have...affect your not allowed life? That's the topic I'm going to put on the table for now...I would like to know everyone's thoughts on the matter :)
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Postby gottahavesun » Sun Dec 24, 2006 6:52 pm

Hey Sweet,
Don't worry--I have put this subject on the table before-blushing all the way of course. I have also responded to emails privately to some members who felt more comfortable asking questions one on one.
I have all over LE and I've been married almost 5 years and yes LE does affect our not allowed life once in a while. Mainly it affects us when I'm in really bad pain and can't move too much. I'm married to a wonderful man and he is okay when I tell him I'm in too much pain. One thing we have discovered though is that when I have an orgasm(see blush blush) my pain goes away for awhile. So if I'm in really bad pain, he'll take care of me and then we can enjoy each other. The pain goes away for quite awhile actually and I'm able to sleep or if it is during the day, then I'm able to move around freely for awhile. Another great reason to be intimate with your loving partner. Now if no partner is around--an orgasm can be achieved as well and it is a wonderful pain reliever. I hope this helps, next response guys and gals.....
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Thanks for the reply

Postby sweetsiren » Sun Dec 24, 2006 10:38 pm

Hi hon,

Again, thanks for your reply. I just feel that it's a subject that most of us with this condition don't really talk about much....and it's just as important as anything else. I think expecially for young people...this is the time of our lives when we are trying to attract a partner whether for casual get-togethers or a serious relationship...and I personally find my lymphedema to serve as more of a social barrier than anything else to meeting other single men. Most people are still ignorant as to what lymphedema is....and I would also like to know what everyone else has tried in the past. A penny for your thoughts everyone!! :)
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Postby silkie » Mon Dec 25, 2006 1:56 am

Hiya Sweet,

I like you have Primary lymph which became a problem from puberty

So i have always been a different shape thru all teenage hormonal

dating self esteme years. This is a tough question because thru all the swelling and the wobbling i never had a problem feeling attractive and down and out sexy with this man I knew loved me he saw me as a person as a whole not just a end to a night out.
Relationships for me have to be about attraction and emotions
If a partner is put off by your big legs or big nose your buck teeth or any other not perfect bits then how can he want not allowed? how can we give it but if you are in a loving relationship attraction and understanding for me go hand in hand.

If your having problems with your lymph then you and your partner work thru it or love you enough to cuddle u thru the night . When your lymoh is just its usual self then again loving is about consideration considering limitations and also what works for each of you.

To be blunt plain speaking I may not be a sexual athlete because of some of the limitations lymph has recently but on my mobility but then making love has always been more of emotions and feelings a journey for two each one giving its never not allowed just loving a mutual completness


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Postby monicaw. » Mon Feb 12, 2007 8:28 pm

Hi I am 30 and have lymphedema in both of my lower legs. I too am a Soliid Lovely Lady :) . I have had other health issues such as arthritis since the the age of twelve as well as asthme since age thirteen ( which is now under control.)

Like you and the others here, I am doing my best to maintain it.

Honey let me tell you. It is not effecting my not allowed life at all. In fact when we role play sometimes I wear them. In the beginning :lol: . I hope that helps. keep in touch. And hang in there.
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