My Story - Irene

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My Story - Irene

Postby patoco » Sat Jun 10, 2006 3:42 pm

My Story - Irene

Originally posted 10/31/2004

Hi Gang,

Had a little time this afternoon so I thought I would add "my story" to the list. I was diagnosed with cervical cancer that had spread into my lymph glands two days before my 40th birthday. I was also in a fairly new marriage after being a single mother of two daughters for 11 years. After two surgeries, four hospital stays, and radiation I was praying for a life back to normal. We were taking a trip to florida and when I got off the plane my feet were swollen. I was worried it had something to do with the cancer.

When we got back home I called my oncologist who not until that time advised me of lymphadema & directed me to a therapist. I must say my therapist is awesome, but in the beginning my edema was mild so I payed little attention to her warnings other than wearing compression hose. My legs seem to become more & more painful. So did my hip. In 2003, I came down with a horrible infection that refused to go away. I was referred to an infectious disease doctor and to this day I am still on 500-1000 mg of penicillin.

I thought I was going crazy, because no one could tell me why the infections kept coming back. I have finally gotten serious. I began to educate myself. I do exercises most every night. I do self message every night followed by wrapping over my jovi suite. When my legs are tired I try to elevate them. I got me a kneeling chair for my office to help prevent prolonged sitting. And I have starting becoming pro-active in my disease instead of ignoring it with the hope that it would go away.

I am amazed at how much better my legs feel when I do these things. yet, it does take time every day. I am blessed with a wonderful husband who has seen me through cancer, and also helps with the message. I have always been a thin person, so the swelling has been very difficult for me to accept.

Acceptance of our disease is one of the hardest parts. But, I am learning every day, often "the hard way", and I am so happy to have been introduced to this website. I have survived cancer, and we can survive this too. My therapist told me she has a patient that has primary lymphadema. She is now over ninty years old! Hang in there gang!!
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