think i now have lymphadema in left leg too

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think i now have lymphadema in left leg too

Postby nikkidickerson » Sun Jan 21, 2007 3:32 am

it has been a while since i posted here ...i have had lymphadema in my right leg for around 4 years.i dont know why i have it or where it xame from..i am not overweight at all.i have had 5 cellulitis infections ,havent had one for 2 yr knock on wood...
i am working around 60 hours a week with 2 jobs...i have done this over 10 years now...
in the past few weeks i have been having pain in the left was hurting almost all the time ,then i had to also put a stocking on that leg too.usually i just wear one on my right leg..the pain almsot always goes away when i put that stocking on.the leg also feels heavy at times...
since i have never had any issuw with this leg i am going this tues tio see if my vascular doc can tell me if i have lymphadema now in my right leg too.if so im going to be depressed!
my doc recommmded me to use a 20-30 hose ,but last time i moved myself up to 30-40. i like the feeling better...
a girl at one of my jobs has lymphadema also.i think she has stage 3.she has huge legs.i dont want to end up like her.shes also heavy...and it bothers me that she wont even wear her stockings!i would never say anything to her.
does anyone think that the constant pain in the other leg and the fact the pain goes away wiuth a stocking means that i have it also in the left leg?and by wearing stockings a;ll the time can i keep it from progresseing to otehr stages????
i hope i can find out tues if i have lymph in the left leg or not!:)
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Postby patoco » Thu Jan 25, 2007 8:48 am

Hey Nikki

I think the pain you are describing is a good warning that you very well could be facing lymphedema in the left leg. Many people will describe
the same thing.

You may want to discuss with your therapist about wearing a stocking on that leg. Getting a jump start now will help insure that the leg does not progress to a worse stage.

Pat O
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went to doc last tues

Postby nikkidickerson » Tue Jan 30, 2007 11:31 pm

well i went to my vascular doc last tues.left the stocking off the right leg all day,i worked 8 hours and boy did the leg hurt like hell!he told me that theres no test to tell me do i have it in the left leg!i didnt know whether there was or not ..he said b/c i have it in right leg i probably have some in the left leg but its impossible to tell then he has told me to wear a stocking on that leg too,no more pain.;.......if i can help it i never want the legs to progress any more ...of course whenever i finally get pregnant i can look forawrd to them swelling more,but i will do everything in my power to never let them progress worse..they look normal,but the right leg is bigger around and always swollen....
i guess for now ill contunie to wear 2 stockings .eventually i guess i will knowe if i have indeed got the lymph in the other leg as well
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leg lymphedema

Postby suzeeq » Wed Jan 31, 2007 1:22 pm

Hi Nikki, I just wanted to respond to your doctor's statement about there not being a test for lymphedema. There is a test called a lymphoscintigraphy which can tell if your lymphatic system is normal or abnormal. I just had it done last Sept. I have lymphedema in my left leg, which started in 2002. No family history, no trauma, no surgery, no infections. The test showed that I don't have any lymph nodes on my left side. My right leg is normal. A radioactive substance is injected between the big toe and the second one, at the base. Yes, it is very painful, but the pain lasts only 15 seconds. I had it done on both legs. I too was worried about the LE going into my right leg. Now I don't have to worry anymore as my right leg is fine. The vascular surgeon who first diagnosed me kind of discouraged me from having any testing, because he said treatment was the same. I feel that it is important to know all that you can, and in my case, just the relief of knowing that I am not going to develop it in my other leg was worth the test. I wish that I knew for sure if it is a genetic problem, as I have 3 children. The test is expensive, but my insurance company did pay for it. I know that for alot of people, especially the ones without insurance, that this test is not an option. Good luck and wear your hose every day, both legs. Susan
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