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Postby silkie » Thu Feb 15, 2007 1:11 am

Hi Everyone

This is a bit hard going for me but just feel needs to be spoken about

because WE ALL DO IT

Many times we get a pain or feel tired, or we ache and we put it down to that lymph playing up again. I did

the tiredess not sleeping, the pain in my shouders and neck i had over done things.

This christmas i was really struggling getting the smallest thing done
i thought Bloody lymph being a pain again so i did the usual tried to ekk out the things i had to do and little at a time rest etc

then i got the dreaded cold and cough, i couldn't do hardly anything without being tired and aching.
So new year came and the not walking without feeling tired i though it was because i not been doing much over the last 2 or three weeks
and started to do my flexing and trying to get back up to what was normal for me

I think you can all relate to what i am saying we all done it many times
Eveything went back to normal i just was feeling tired and walking was even more exhausting so much so i was tired within a few steps and hot with th effort and i felt like i had run a marathon

I went to the docs i was worn out just walking from reception to his office

He did the BP and stuff sent me to the hospital for xrays because i was breathing heavy
well that was a month ago lots happened since and i'm now dealing with a whole new condition that like my lymph isnt going away but if i'm lucky
and with treatment i will have a little control over with meds

Don't assume please that ach or pain is caused by the lymph
if its new and different check it out I know many of you have great problems with med ins and medicare but please check it out if your not sure


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Postby LadyDi » Thu Feb 15, 2007 10:00 pm

Well bless your heart Silkie.....I do hope you will feel better soon!!!!! This disease...I guess it so dibilitating..and frustrating.....cant get anything done! Sayin prayers for you my do so much for the rest of us....with your helpful hints, thoughts and prayers.....please know you are in ours! :P
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