feet still swollen and painful

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feet still swollen and painful

Postby angel » Fri Feb 23, 2007 12:36 pm

me gain. In quite bad pain with my swollen feet and ankles. Haven't really gone down. Went to my aquafit on wed. Foot very sore afterwards-toes puffy too. Wed night I was in agony-butterflies in right foot and it was like someone stabbing my feet with a knife. Then the pain was okay last noght-but owrst topday in the day. I think it's beacause they were swelling on wed night and now they are staying swollen so the pain is different. IO tried to bounce on my trampoline today but had to stop because it started to hurt my right foot.
I just hope this swelling in my feet goes back round agin becaue I have it in my left side too now as well as my right and in my right arm just now. Just feeling very puffy!
Just wondering what we all do for our pain -what meds do we all take etc. i have been taking panadol extra, and I have bought co-codomal just in case.
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Postby patoco » Fri Feb 23, 2007 2:30 pm

HI Ya Angel

Just wondered if you wre able to have someone to MLD on your feet, if you wrapped them and/or if you wrapped your toes.

Oh yes...the pain...I have heard some say this is a painless condition....right :twisted: :evil:

I finally broke down in the hospital and accept prescription pain medications. I still really don't like taking them, but they do help and it does feel good to not feel like you body was being used as a race track for trucks.

They put me on Ativan as it helps neuropathic pain, which is a lot of what we have and they put me on a codeine type med.

I use to try using NSAID's. However, those meds actually stop the micro contractions of the lymph system, thus causing worse swelling. Geeeezzzz...sometimes we can win for loosing.

LOL.....try a nice soothing long bubble bath too :lol: ...with a glass of wine and candles.......relaxing and soothing. :wink:

Pat O
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Postby angel » Sat Feb 24, 2007 3:58 am

hiya pat!
I/m already a big fan of bubble baths which is good.As far as the mld goes I am going too see my mld therapist this friday coming so hopefully she can do some work on them. I will look and see if you have any mld instructions on mld of the feet.
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