pain in ankles!

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pain in ankles!

Postby angel » Wed Feb 28, 2007 8:09 am

Me again!
Been in AGONY with pain in both sides of my legs/thighs,both feet and ankles. Just thought I'd say i now understand you all when you talk about foot swelling and the pain it causes. Have had swollen ankles and feet for nearly two weeks now, so very anxious to see my le therapist on friday!
hoping she can give me some sort of bandaging etc since I have never done any before and I think wrapping my feet might give me some relief.
Still mystified as to why my left side has swollen up since my lymph scan was clear and I have all this extra swelling that I didn't have in jan a t my appointment. I seem to have a pocket within in a pocket on my right thigh now-it's soft but the tissue feels thicker. It is so bumpy and ripply too.
just sick of the swelling and how it just seems to go amd now and then!
Went to aquafit today so I am hoping this will help.
Still waiting for my mri.
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