Herbal remedies

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Herbal remedies

Postby LadyDi » Mon Mar 26, 2007 5:33 pm

Hi everyone.... :) I was reading in a magazine about mullein and from that I found something called lymphomax. These are herbal products used for treating the respiratory system and the lymph system. Would this be a good thing for us??...It is supposed to enable good functioning or something like that...has anyone ever tried herbal products in regards to our lymphedema? I know it wont cure it but might make the fluid easier to move in the lymph system??...Just wondering.....thought I would come here and ask, since this is the best place for knowledge and help...
Thanks everyone :D
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Postby patoco » Mon Mar 26, 2007 7:42 pm

Hi Lady :)

Mullein has been used for ages for such things as hoarseness, lung congestion. While it may (or may not) help with those, there is nothing indicating it has any benefit for the lymphatics.

For Mullein, I was able to find one independent clinical study that at least verified it could be helpful in hoarseness.

But, I was not able to find a single bit of evidence to support the claim the makers and sellers of Lymphomax make. Infact, if you look up Lymphomax, it promise everything from lymph function, urinary maintenance, bowel detox on and on...and the only people claiming it are those making or selling it.

Usually, when those kind of claims are made for a product, the first thing I think of is "quack-quack." :roll:

The best method of "lymph detox" is drinking lots of good old fashioned water. :wink:

I guess the other thing is that more and more of these herbals remedies are coming under the scrutiny of scientists and the more ressearch that is done, the more they are finding that there is no basis for any of their claims.

Best :!:

Pat O
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Postby LadyDi » Tue Mar 27, 2007 3:11 am

Thanks for the info Pat. I appreciate your getting back to me to promptly. I guess we have to look out for unscrupulous people all the time! Hope you are feeling good. :)
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Postby silkie » Fri Mar 30, 2007 2:32 am

Hi ladyDi Hi Pat,

herbal remidies, this amazes me this new fashionable trends

we know that lymh has been around sin old testament times there is mention of dough footed people (lymph)

elephantitus was named by the romans

Long before modern medicine herbs had been the only medicines available, thousands of years it seems so lgical to me that in all those years lymph has never been helped . If there was a magic plant out there
by the law of averages surely we would have found a long time before now

We also have thousands f years odf pollution , acid rain , etc i think the herbs grown in this poisoned soil would not be as effective these days if they could help

I also wonder where all these herbs are grown ? where is the vast ammounts of land needed to supply the ammount of herbs the health industry is usin each day? and how long they are in warehouses waiting for shipping out to the retailers what shelf life they have in the shops?

We know in cooking dry herbs lose at least a third of there goodness
so what if any goodness do they have after the manufacturing process

To me it is logical to get the best fron=m herbs you need to pick fresh

just my personal thoughts on the health industry

there are no miracles just the health industry makin a huge profit from so many peoles pain

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