swelling in back happened again!

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swelling in back happened again!

Postby angel » Sat Mar 31, 2007 7:56 am

hello-just checking in to say that I have a pretty painful and hot , swollen back again. I have been feeling under the weather all week with feeling hot and cold,achy etc,pain tec and now the top pf my back has swollen up and the skin is painful to touch.It islike pocket of fluid has come up which I don't normally have.
I have made an appointment with the doc for wed but I ma sick of this problem!
I also have another weird problem where I have hyperpigmentation on my right shin area. I believe this can be due to le but only in the later stages. My le therapist whom I saw yesterday said we should keep and eye on it.
anyway just thought I would give you all an update.
My mum still ahs to wait another two weeks to get her results. the nurse on thge phone told her that her result is non-mailginant but we still don't quite know what she means by that.
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