My "Proper" introduction" from memphis!

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My "Proper" introduction" from memphis!

Postby patoco » Sat Jun 10, 2006 8:52 pm

My "Proper" introduction" from memphis!

Originally posted 04/01/2005

I figured I'd do this introduction thingie. You will note that its not my first fist posts were freak out posts as I was just diagnosed and was , well, to say the least..LOST! A little bit about me....

I am a 37 year old man, I prefer to be called Tommy. I have an awesome daughter, 7, and an equally great wife I have been with for 19 years. I was never really a pudgie or over weight guy..I remember getting married and being upset that at 215 pounds I had not gotten under 200 pounds!! Anyways immediately after getting married we moved to the south..home of fried cooking, endless buffets, etc. Man it took a toll on me, especially since I had a desk job! Finally sick of it I got on the scales....HOLY CRAP...the scales were not heavy ebnough which means I was over 350 pounds. I scalled in on an industrial scale at work at 360!! Yikes. It was infact months ago I decided to get serious and loose weight. To date I am down 40 pounds. I was feeling great, proud of myself, the whole 9 yards...I was pumped to keep going...told myself that when I get to 225 pounds I am taking the family to Disney on a vacation..things were cruising well on this new diet excercise plan of mine...BUT the one thing that was still bugging me was my right leg, swells up a little bit on occassion....went to the Dr's and he gave me a dieretic, that did little to help it. Finally I went to a vascular Dr where they did a scan for leg tumers as well as an MRI to ensure all was in order...I went to this dr because literally I could not walk, my leg was not all that swollen but it hurt like heck walking on it. The vascular dr, looked at it, asked me about the ingrown toenail I had and old me he wanted me on an antibiotic. Probably an infection has set in. I got on the antibiotics and felt like a new person, I could walk again, leg was still swollen a bit but I had mobility back.

Flash forward....this past Monday is when he told me I have Lymphedema! I freaked at first but this site has eased my mind a lot. Maybe its my general outlook on life but I feel great about it, yes I have it, yes that sucks, but there are things I can do to work with it. Most importantly I have a place to go for answers, I have my family backing me and I have a great attitude.

I ahve a sick sense of humor...I can remember being something like 19 years old and my brother and I were some place..this overweight lady came in to the place we were she sat down her pants lifted up and we saw this skin that at the time I took was fat, I know know better. I leaned over to my brother and said "Have another donut" I have replayed that in my mind 20 times over the past few days.....look how that little joke turned on me!!!

Anyways, my weight now is 320, more than 40 pounds lighter than 2 months ago....I whoe heartedly beleive that with proper excercise and better eating habits/nutrisian I will be successful with this

Thanks to all that responded on my "freak out" threads, you have helped out a lot!



Hey Tommy

Appreciated the intro

Glad you joined our family here and are getting some answers and encouragement!!!

We also have a Men with Lymphedema Yahoo group


Hope you can join us there too.

Do like your attitude!! I have had this stuff for 52 years and can tell ya that is soooooo important. Never let it be your master, overwhelm you or cause you to quit.

And we are here for you. To me, this is simply the most wonderful and caring family. I am so grateful and appreciative of all our members and they way everyone reaches out to each other.



Sadly Anonymous


I'm sadly anonymous, aka sadly/gladly, or gladly/sadly, or sadly/sadly, or gladly/gladly patty. It all depends on how I'm feeling. Started because I got tired of always having to put into words how I was feeling that day-healthwise. So, now family knows how I'm doing by how I sign my posts, don't have to spend a lot of time, unless 'It's Necessary' letting family know about me, I'd rather focus on all of our great family members.

I am 56, widowed for 25 years, 3 kids, 6 1/2 grandkids, whom I adore!
I've had LE my whole life, but not diagnosed properly until 5 years ago. Drs called it cellulitic edema?, whatever that is. Also have lipodema-both primary and both hereditary, come to find out! I do the wrapping and the Manual Lymph Drainage. I wear a compression garment, and a thing I made for myself, my PT calls my "Taco", that helps, because my legs & hips are too big for regular sleeves. I also now have LE in left arm, and tightness that's pre-LE in right arm. I wrap arm nights, but open most days, unless needed. Plus I'm a diabetic, and a bunch of other stuff, too much about me, here now. I really don't like to talk about it all, too depressing, I'd rather help our family be a family!!!!!

Your story, like we've said many times lately, is so similar to many other family members here. Drs always blaming weight on overeating or lack of exercise. Accused of being liar by Dr when you'd say,
"BUT I AM FOLLOWING THE LATEST DIET YOU'VE TRIED ON ME!. IT DOESNOT WORK FOR ME, WHY?" No one ever bothered to find out why, just pushed us in the corner. Yes, many of us do also have weight issues; it's hard to loose when you feel like we do, and look like we do!!

You have found the best place to help YOU, and you've family, learn about this stuff, share experiences, and frankly, have others to talk to who DO UNDERSTAND! The Mens Group Pat mentioned is great-men talking to men about things that are hard to talk to ANYONE about. No shame, not judgements, just good talking. We have that here too, and encourage you to keep posting here too, even if you join LE MEN. The LE Women here have a lot of years of experience, and are more likely to talk about it than men, for some reason! We really enjoy sharing with each other, the whole family, men, women, moms & dads, even some younger adults drop in. We also go to the LET'S Talk chat room, sister site run & managed by our own silk, you've seen her posts I'm sure. She and roni, best bud/sidekick keep us all laughing and talking every night UK time 8-?-12midnight at least, often later.
They are 8 hrs ahead of me in Oregon, pdt time, so that's 7hrs mdt, 6 hrs cdt, & 5hrs edt. ie: they start at 8pm gmt, that's at 12 noon pdt. Abit confusing at first, but worth the effort. You'll need an, hotmail account-free. Just go to to sign up. It's very easy. Hope you'll join us there too.

In the meantime, enjoy learning all that's here, and PLEASE--ASK--ASK, any and all questions. We have been known to talk about everything needed by another family member to get them through the night. We have become a very close family, and there's always room for 1 more at the table, my mama used to say!

sadly/gladly patty

ps: I also tend to write books when I post, sorry it's so long
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