Hi I'm New To This Website and I Need Help With My Lymphedem

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Hi I'm New To This Website and I Need Help With My Lymphedem

Postby Knittinglamb » Thu Nov 09, 2006 5:32 pm

I just completed my treatment for my lymphedema in my left leg and I had amazing results my leg went down over 40%. My problem is that I am an overweight individual with handicaps and my therapist wanted me to do my own bandaging at home which I am unable to do on my own and my mom cannot do it because of her bad back problem. And I can't afford to pay anyone to come over and bandage me up everyday. The stockings that were ordered for me are not working out. Does anyone have alternative ways to help me do my own bandaging. I am open to any suggestins so please help me out if you can.
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Postby patoco » Thu Nov 09, 2006 8:31 pm

Hi Knitting :)

Super welcome to our family :!: :!:

There are some alternatives that you might want to explore.

For wraps, there is a new product that is getting super reviews from everyone it seems, who has used it.

It is called the Farrow Wrap. You can get full info at the

Farrow Medical site


Here is the Farrow product brochure

http://farrowmedical.com/PDFs/FMI%20Pro ... ochure.pdf

and a related study done at Hermann Medical center:

http://farrowmedical.com/PDFs/Hermann_F ... _Study.pdf

That would help for wraps. As for garments, many of the stocking manufacturers are now making compression stockings that actually zip up. This make putting them on a whole lot easier for patients.

There are also nighttime garments that you can use that are easy to put on as well.

Be sure to check our Leg Lymphedema forum and our specific page on leg lymphedema for other ideas as well.


http://www.lymphedemapeople.com/thesite ... hedema.htm

LOL...lots of reading here. After you've gone through some of these don't hesitate to ask any questions....we are here to help :!: :!:

Pat O'
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