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Postby silkie » Sat Dec 23, 2006 1:58 am

Hi Everyone,

From time to time i have Moments when for some reason the fates decide
lets have a giggle with Silkie

Yesterday was such a moment i would like to share my experience with you.

For some weeks my movement has been restricted in other words house bound. Christmas is upon us and my Christmas present are not even bought never mind wrapped. Felling very wobbly and in some discomfort
I decide in a gungho fashion this LE is not getting the better of me

And order a cab to take me to the local town.
Ny great grandsons first Christmas and no way is he going to miss out on Nanas first christmas gift.

Luckily the drivers know me i worked so long with them and are really great helping me when i walk like I have had a few too many glasses of vino. In the cab i get front seat for leg room (dont you just hate the sitting down in the car trying to be lady like while wobbling) We set off first main road we get on and we hit the traffic a 5 minute journey turns into 30 mins luckily we had a nice festive chat and it was very pleasant

We get into the one way system in the town its gridlocked barely moving an inch. Suddenly Snowflakes are falling. quiet thickly on the windscreen

I raise my eyes to heaven and say out loud "please this is all i need" in a kind of desperate plea the driver cracked out laughing
Its a snow machine Silks look up at the top windows

well at least i made him happy he was laughing so loud "your face" he said what a picture (grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) 10 mins later were still being buried by fake snow going no where. So i think i'll get out and walk to the bank
I needed to draw cash out.
So i said ill nip out here and walk (me Nip lol)
I opened by bag :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

What had i forgotton!!!!!!!!!

MY PURSE-------- CARDS MONEY ID --------- ALL AT HOME !!!!!

YOU GUESSED IT WE HAD TO COME BACK HOME nearly one and a half hours later i get out of the car at my house

I said i am not going back there today

Do these things happen to everyone or is it just this Crazy lady???

maybe it was fate paying me back i was going to pick up a set of drums for Connor who will adore them but i think my grand daughter will want to do something nasty to her nan Christmas morning lol

Anyway wish me luck today it will be even more christmas madness in the town and i will battle the madness of christmas shopping again maybe this time I will even get into a shop lollllllllllllllllllllll

Don't you just love Christmas HO! HO! HO!

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Postby gottahavesun » Sat Dec 23, 2006 9:39 pm

lol-Silks--what a story. I have to tell you that your writing is wonderful, as it puts me in the backset of the cab watching your story unfold-gave me a good laught too! I hope you have better luck today. I did quite a bit of my shopping online and also at some outlets when I went up to NY at thanksgiving. My hubby(also the late shopper) is out with my son now to finish(start too-lol) his shopping. He normally waits until Christmas eve but we have plans so he must finish today.
Some of you remember a couple of years ago with me getting in touch with my parents after years(almost 20) and have heard me talk about them from time to time. Well, tomorrow we are spending with my dad and stepmom and Christmas day we will be with my mom and stepday. It was so hard to pick up the phone two years ago and try to reconnect with them but we are all so happy that I did. If you have any relatives or friends that you want to reconnect with but are scared of rejection, please take the deep breath and pick up the phone-what is the worst that can happen-they hang up on you--well even if that happens(and most of the time it doesn't) then you in your mind know that you tried. I wish you all Happy Holidays.
Silks--remember to take pics of your great-grandsons first christmas!
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Postby silkie » Sun Dec 24, 2006 1:45 am

Hiya Lisa,

i am sooooooooooooooooo HAPPYYY :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
I do so remember the great strength it took you to contact your parents

all those doubts fears you just made my CHRISTMAS my friend

Wish Patty was here sharing the joy in your news.

Have a wonderful Christmas of Christmases Lisa

I got a Drum for Connor an old fashioned tin Drum from the Early learning centre. It is blue shiny and machs one heck of a noise

He will LOVE IT i doubt if my Grandaughter will speak to me again lol

He is so spoilt it was so very difficult to get something that he hasn't already got and im on a tight buget so it had to be He would find special

i think i have got it right. Sometimes its not the size or the ammount you pay for the gift its the pleasure it brings and I think Connor will get hours of fun from making music for the first time .

Last time he was here he was singing with me (cat howling is more descriptive) Vicky said oh HELP someone you will have him dancing
in the shops next HA HA HA she knows her Nana.

I think the greatest Gift at Christmas is smiles.

Today my daughter Came with me to the town ffor a couple of things and
to help her ol mam. We have a big old worldie type open market square
with wooden stalls that sell everything on . One of the Big shops had put up a stall on the square with a karaoke machine. And each person that sang got a Selection box of Chocolate bars.

The singing was PAINFUL but you know people passing each other were laughing and talking about the terrible noise and loving it it was wonderful so many people laughing and smiling little children in christmas hats all bopping about to the singing (ALL CHRISTMAS SONGS)
a very elderly lady all bent and twisted with age did her bit

Rockin around the Christmas tree she sang and danced to Everyone was cheering and dancing singin with her what a special memory for the future that will bring such a smile when i remember . To see hundreds of people smiling is rare, Thats why i still believe in Father Christmas
only as you grow the symbol of him in a red suit widens and you realise
Father Christmas is the Spark if you like for people for one day to Smile at strangers and enjoy we all each of us are Father Christmas smiling and just if were lucky alive with the spirit of Christmas one day a year



Lisa I'll be thinking of you and smiling so much

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Postby Kim » Sun Dec 24, 2006 2:26 pm

Merry Christmas, Lisa, Silkie, and everyone!! :D

There is so much joy to be had during the holidays, sometimes you just have to look for it and be open to appreciate it, like so many smiles on peoples' faces! I think as we get older, we realize how meaningful the simple things in life are...like singing and dancing and hot chocolate on cold nights and just being together as families and friends.

Christmas is here, and how I miss my daughters! But they have stayed in touch with Mom, and they sent gifts. A mom's heart is a strange one that only another mom can understand. I love the gifts they sent, but what touches my heart even more, is seeing that familiar handwriting on those pkgs and in their cards! They are both happy and having wonderful holidays where they are; for that, I am thankful.

Our Christmas will be spent with my brothers and with uncles who have not been with us for the holidays in years. It's going to be so much fun! We'll all be together tonight at my parents' house and Christmas night at here at my house.

Have wonderful and safe holidays everyone! :D Just take care of yourselves in the process.

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Postby patoco » Sun Dec 24, 2006 4:10 pm

Hi To Everyone :D :!:

Now, Silkie, ya sure it wasn't just an extra pint o'ale :?: :wink:

I had to really laugh, that sounds just like something that would happen to me.

Lisa, so excited and happy that you are spending time with you dad and step-mom, hope you have an absolutely mahvelous time :!: :!:

Kim, these last couple months have really brought home to me being thankful to be able to do even those simple things we take for granted.

I am soooooooooooooooooo happy to be finally out of the hospital after 40 days and 40 nights :mrgreen: ..... can't wait to spend Christmas with my family and to hold my grandson.


Pat O
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Postby silkie » Mon Dec 25, 2006 1:28 am

Hiya Pat


What do you mean ALE would I?????? likkle ol me!!!!!! nahhhhh
I'm a gud gurl I AM honest.

I must admit im a weeeee bit jealous of those cuddles your will be having
this Christmas Grandpa the first Christmas is wonderful the faces big eyes and noises, expressions at the colourful paper and lights lol what a wonderful amazing gift our granchildren are.

you have a Great time Grandpa



Silksxxxxxxxxxxxxx(not enebriated ---------yet) HO HO HO
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Postby coyote » Sat Jan 06, 2007 4:18 am

Hiya silks,

Just got around to catching up on reading posts here today and, of course, absolutely had to read this one....I just knew it would give me a chuckle!

BTW, I gave my niece a drum for her birthday a couple of years ago...my sister-in-law was none too pleased with me!!! :D :D :D

But, how was the child going to get a chance to make a noise without her auntie giving her the tool to do it with ??? :wink:

The kind of drum I gave my niece was one of the new-fangled ones that played tunes, too. For some odd reason, I had to turn it back on each time I was there to visit. :twisted:

Thanks for the story, silks, a little levity is much needed these days...fortunately the members of my family all have a fabulous sense of humor!

hug to you and hope santa was good to you: No coal this year!

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