“Life is Worth Living with Lymphedema” - Upcoming Book

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“Life is Worth Living with Lymphedema” - Upcoming Book

Postby patoco » Thu Apr 26, 2007 9:36 pm

“Life is Worth Living with Lymphedema”

From: The Lighthouse Lymphedema Network


The LLN is looking for patients, family members, therapists, or physicians to write inspirational short stories of why “Life is Worth Living with Lymphedema”.

These stories may be from:
Patients who developed lymphedema after surgical, chemotherapy, or radiation treatment for breast cancer or other types of cancer (secondary lymphedema)
Patients who were born with lymphedema (primary lymphedema)
Patients who developed lymphedema from other surgeries such as: knee or hip replacement, abdominal surgeries, fracture, infection, other
Family members who are caregivers for lymphedema patients
Therapists: successful treatment stories, caring family stories, unusual stories
Physicians: personal observations and comments

The main goal of our book is to let patients and family members know that they are not alone. We care, and we are here for you – always! Help us to help others – the goal for the money raised from the sale of the book is to help indigent patients through our Bandages and Garments (BAG) Fund.

All patients have a story to tell, so let us hear from you! Please print out and fill in the form (click here) and submit your story to the LLN, c/o Linda Gottschalk at the adddress shown on the form.


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* I am submitting my own story - send us yours as well :!: :!: :!:

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