Sweating bandages off, Help!

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Sweating bandages off, Help!

Postby ksl4139 » Sun May 20, 2007 2:43 pm

Hi everyone, right now my right leg is very swollen and I have to wear my bandages all day and at night, can't get in my stockings. I am getting therapy... my question is, I have only had this since Oct. 06, this is my first summer, its 80 degrees now, I am sweating my bandages off my legs and have to wrap about every 3 hours, what do I do?? I have the stockingette on first with the glue at the top of the leg, I sweat the glue off and everything goes down to my knees and ankles! I have had to wear the bandages to work and have to keep going into the locker room and rebandage at least once.. they are damp from sweat. I am on my feet all day, sitting occasionally, I am a nurse. Also, this is the first time I have become swollen since my diagnosis, I can hardly bend my knee. I still feel like a newbie to this disease. Can you help?
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Postby silkie » Wed May 23, 2007 6:28 am

Hi Cathy

I feel for you and all lymphers that have to work in such heat
Especially with bandages the supports are bad enough.

Also being on your feet is not going to help the swelling at all
i have a 2 hour limit for either sitting or standing i alternate
on my feet too long get sat down feet up if possible and take a break
and if sitting then i'm up and walking around.

I know it is not possible for you in your job but when you can try it it does help

I have used a damp towel across my limbs and a fan on them in hot weather to try and keep the temprature down .

I am sorry I can't help more we all seem to find a way round our
routines mainly by trial and error

Has your therapist given you a reasn for the sudden swelling?
is it infection?

Or is it something in your daily routine that is causing your limbs to swell more?

Getting those legs up as much as possible is so nessessary
If your legs are down when sitting try to more them i shuffle my feet
at my desk and a box to lift you feet off the floor even the smallest elivation helps

Good luck
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