Glad to find you i have a question

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Glad to find you i have a question

Postby Fran » Tue Aug 03, 2010 2:53 pm

Hi I am a 46 year old woman from NYC newly diagnosed. I will try to make a long story short. I guess I have had ankle & feet swelling on & off for at least 15 years it started with my first pregancy & then it seemed to happen in the summer. It was mostly maintainable elevation & support hose helped. Around MAY 09 I started to get swelling in my right leg I went to my reg Doc who after a scan which showed no clots sent me to a vascular doctor she wanted me to go to her other office for a different scan and at the same time I was dealing with diverticulitis (which i had surgery for in july 09) a terminally ill brother to care for in colorado and then hernia surgery in october. My brother became worse & i was flying back & forth i am sure that did not help. Anyway we lost him in the end of Feb. My swelling was not going down & got progressively worse. I had the other scan done and was told I had reflux in my vein and the laser vein removal would help.I had that done on June 9th for a couple of days the swelling went down a lot then as soon as i was on my feet (ESP. WORK) swollen again. I went for 2 wk checkup all fine except for swelling Dr. said 20 30 compression and it takes time.A few days later had taken a hot shower and had a small discharge at the site area below the knee (like that of a pimple)I went back and was told its fine use bacitraican did that Well about a week or 2 later i woke up red burning cellulitis One dose of clindamycin iv and 10 days 300 mg (finished 7\30) My vasc. is away saw her assoc. who did scan & came in and said "You have lymhedema theres no cure you need to wear 30 40 compression and see me on an as needed basis. Well I wont ever have that need.that was on Thursday I stayed off my feet have been wearing the stockings and have an appt at NYU on 8/9 I am back on my feet even with the compression my leg swells it looks like it is at least stage 2 from what i am reading I have a lot of pain in ankle but more behind the knee esp. at night. I am trying to sit tight for the Dr but am concerned there still may be infection from the cellulitis slight redness after being at work {poss from stockings} I am going on vac on aug 14 Is it better to try another run of antibiotics to be sure or go to er .or i read to much? Just nervous and upset and cant keep the swelling down unless i am completely off it
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Re: Glad to find you i have a question

Postby patoco » Wed Aug 04, 2010 8:31 am

Hey Fran :)

Super welcome to the family!! :!: :!:

Sounds like there are a number of contributing factors in your LE/swelling. so I'm not surprised you are having such a time.

Vascular problems can greatly increase swelling, I hope you are still on antibiotics. Anytime there is even a remote possibility of infection, it is important to stay on them. Cellulitis and/or infections also can make the swelling worse as it further damages the lymph system.

Have your doctor give you a referral to a certified lymphedema therapist. My own personal take is that you probably not only need to have a complete evaluation by someone trained specifically in LE, but should have a treatment course of manual decongestive therapy.

This should also help relieve some of the pain and help prevent future infections.

Glad you found us and if you ever have any concerns or questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Best to you!

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