yes im new

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yes im new

Postby cathi » Fri Nov 26, 2010 4:06 pm

i trully do hope i havent offended any one , there are times ya just shouldent write when on line ,, and MY LAST POST WAS ONE OF THOS TIMES ,,,I USALLY HAVE A PRETTY STEADY WAY ABOUT MYSELF BUT THAT DAY I JUST WASENT GOOD FOR ANY ONE ,,, IVE BEEN DOING ALOT OF READING POSTS AND AM LEARNING ALOT BUT I STILL DONT REALLY KNOW HOW I GOT THIS,, FROM WHAT IVE READ THERES ANY NUMBER OF WAYS IVE HAD RESTLESS LEGS ALL MY LIFE COULD THAT BE A PART ?? IM WAITING ON A APPT FOR A CLINIC,,, LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT,, WELL MAYBE NOT LOOKING FORWARD LOL BUT THEY CAN ANSWER SOOM QUESTIONS FOR ME TO, I HAVE A FEELING THIS IS THE PLACE ILL FIND MOST OF WHAT I NEED ,, ALOT OF YOU Hve been here some time now and have had this disease allong time ,,, youll know more any way thanks for listening ohh maybe can answer this is it possable to have in both legs and a hand ?? ok well ty cathi
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Re: yes im new

Postby patoco » Sat Nov 27, 2010 10:21 am

Hey Cathi

No need to apologize. :)

Most people who get LE in one leg (for example) do not get it in another limb. This is particularly true, it seems for those who are secondonary LE patients.

If it is hereditary, there is a far greater chance of it going to the other leg, arms or even abdomen. There simply is no real way of telling.

My best to you and hope your visit will be both successful and reassuring.

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Re ty

Postby cathi » Sat Nov 27, 2010 6:31 pm

thank you for you reply pat, well i quess im no different then any one else here we all have this and will learn how to live with it in our own way, ive been reading alot of post and theve answered alot of my concerns , but what im finding is that its day by day as with any thing in this life, what ever comes my way ill deal with it i hope with as much dignity and streghth many of the people here have shown,, thank you again cathi
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Re: yes im new

Postby LouiseS » Wed Dec 01, 2010 3:00 pm

Hi Cathi

I must admit I smiled when I saw your first letter, just because I saw myself in you. I was hysterical to say the least when I was diagnosed in June. I thought my life is not going to be worth living. I can admit it is going mentally and spiritually much better with me. The dr's said I will need an amputation of my arm and my life expectancy is max 10 years. I have 4 young children. I however, on this site and other places met some fantastic people, who gave me a better truthfull insight into lymphedema and through that I realised that some dr's make wild statements without really knowing what lymphedema is. I must admit some days I feel like crying, but I look at my arm and then I choose not to be unhappy. Idecided it must remind me to be thankful for all the other things I have. I decided to carry on with my life as much as I can. I ride my horse every day. Even though I don't jump anymore I am scared I fall off and hurt myself, I play with my kids and I try to do as much as I can till the pain is unbearable.Sometimes I also wonder "Why me!" But then on the other hand "why not me!" We all have a road we need to follow through life and so many things we can't change, even though we want to. However we have a choice: the path that we are on and the terrible speed bumps on the road can cause us to crash that we can't carry on or we can go slower and see the beautiful landscape next to the road and still have the speed bums that affect us, but it does not prevent us from living. I decided to go slower and look at the landscape, some days are difficult and I still want to focus on the speed bumps and just race over them, but the grace of God helps one through those difficult days.

Cathi take it day by day and never feel bad for your emotionally off days, we all get them, but you must choose to get through them and carry on for the well-being of yourself. Remember we are there for you and you can let off steam, it always helps, we know how hard it is, but you can and you will cope.

Kind regards
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