Exercise and soreness

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Exercise and soreness

Postby Seattle Gal » Tue Jul 18, 2006 12:31 pm


I have lymphedema in my legs primarily my lower legs. I have had MLD and have been stable for several years. About 2 years ago I started exercising at the gym. I started out with recumbent bike at 5 minutes and gradually worked up to 15 minutes at one stretch. I also have a narrowing in my spinal column and compromised nerves down one leg. This causes it to fatigue out quite quickly. So I pedal for 15 minutes get off go do some upper body strength training and then go back and pedal for 15 more minutes.

I recently added 2 days of 30-40 minutes of water exercise. It is great for the lymphedema and I sort of enjoy it.

My problem is that when my leg muscles get sore they get really sore and it never seems to clear up. It got to the point that for a week I did nothing because it hurt to walk.

I am wondering if anyone else is exercises on a regular basis or started exercising after their diagnosis has a similar problem with their muscles and soreness?

It is very frustrating when you want to do the healthy thing but get so uncomfortable it affects the quality of your daily life. I did speak to my therapist and she said it was possible that due to my compromised lymph system that the waste such as lactic acid wasn't been moved off the muscles.

Pat, what do you think about that?

Seattle Gal
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Postby patoco » Tue Jul 18, 2006 12:45 pm

Hi Beverly

I'm wondering if the nerve condition is causing this :?:

Instead of going 30-40 minutes, cut way back and slowly increasing the time as it becomes comfortable.

I'm kind of the opinion that even with the impaired lymph system, systematic exercise and use of the muscles should actually help move the lactic acid out of the muscle. Another though too, is perhaps there was just such a build up that there was a great deal to clean out.

When they are sore, how do you treat the soreness?

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Postby Seattle Gal » Tue Jul 18, 2006 2:23 pm


About the only thing I can do is take some Tylenol, I am not able to take anything like Advil etc.

It might be the nerve issue but should only be affecting one leg. I am going to see the PT I have seen for all my back issues in hopes that she might have some suggestions. Then my next stop will have to be my PCP.

I have also wondered if 5 days of straight exercise is just to much for my legs between the lymphedema and spinal issues. MY PCP is good but doesn't know a lot about lymphedema and doesn't know of any doctor in the area that does.

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Postby silkie » Tue Jul 18, 2006 3:32 pm

Hi Beverly,

I believe strongly in excercise for lymph it helps move the lymph fluid
breathing to .

No matter how minimal if the movement is done regulally it still moves the lymph . It also allows us to be more flexable and helps our fitness

I do believe in the principle of NO STRAIN OR PAIN
long before I new about the lymph i did yoga and it helped me so much
even the huge legs were more flexable and they were cumbersom even then

I have had cellulitis that has set me back to sqaure one not being able to lift my heel off the bed without help and with the help of someone lifting it for me and helping with the simplest movement i got that movement back

my legs well in my head and body im a ferrari but my legs move more like a model T ford

i walk so slowly but i walk i excercise the same way but as soon as i feel
that pressure and ache i stop I might go back to doing a few stretches
but the excersise stops thatrs my body saying hey im a little battered take it easy

It does work for me slowly gently and it has built up to a good work out

my failure is dancing, i cannot resist i wobble about now and i suffer badly
for the odd time i can no longer hold back from getting up and shakin me bits
i can be in pain for a few days and those days my legs are wrapped 24/7

So what i gain i lose with the pain i am back to simple painful stretches for those days


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