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TracyZ - original post 05/31/2004

Postby patoco » Sat Jun 10, 2006 3:09 pm

Sounds like I am at an "anonymous" meeting, lol! But this is nothing to laugh about. I was not diagnosed until April 28, 2004, over 20 years since.

I started taking water pills for "swelling". Imagine that! I was always thought to be fat, swollen, retaining fluid, you name it.I have dieted my whole life since I was always a little "fluffy", been on prescription diueretics since I was a teenager.

But, even as a younger teen, I can remember having big legs even though I was thinner elsewhere. I believe if it was caught back then, I woiuld have never arrived at my present weight of 446 (I am only 5'4) which I have been trying desperately to lose. I have been treated for cellulitis twice in the past year, the first time I was hospitalized, this time I said no way!

SO when I went to the therapist to go for a consultation for hydro-therapy, she told me I have this lymphedema, which I never heard of. I was mad at my doctor since he never told me this. When confronted, he said to me "I could have told you that" well why treat me with water pills???

I hope that people will increase their knowledge of this disease, I know if my mother had thought that I had this when I was younger, I would have been spared all this pain. I know I am on the road to recovery, and look forward to making new friends.

Great to meet you all,


Hoping to increase awareness of Lymphedema, early diagnosis is key.
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