Okay Men...

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Okay Men...

Postby mama » Fri Aug 04, 2006 11:26 pm

Well guys,
It's time to seek help on a very touchy issue - genital lymphedema. My husband, who is 29 and gained 300 pounds in 3 years, has finally succumbed to his biggest fear. It's THERE. It has taken over the entire pubic area in just a matter of days. Because of the size of his legs and abdomen, it's impossible to compress. What do we do??

The internet is the only place he feels comfortable talking about this. Is there anyone who has it or knows of links I can get specific advice about this? You can send me a private message if you don't want it on the public forum. Josh usually sits on the bed and reads over my shoulder, so you wouldn't just be sharing details with a woman. :oops: The speed at which it has consumed the area is scary and I know we have to act within days.

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Postby patoco » Sat Aug 05, 2006 8:29 am

Hi Stacy

Tell Josh to stop looking over your should and come on down to our Men with Lymphedema group :wink:

The Norton School of Lymphedema Therapy has put out a DVD on the treatment of genital lymphedema.


Kinda expensive, but is suppose to be good.

We also have a page on it:

http://www.lymphedemapeople.com/thesite ... enital.htm

Scroll down through the page and you'll find extensive info and also tips of self-care and self decongestive therapy.

There are garments that are supposed to help, but I'll be honest in that I haven't really heard of too many people that have used them, or in how effective they are.

Start with these ideas and let me know what you think.

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Postby silkie » Mon Aug 07, 2006 6:02 am

Hi Stacy,

Pat is right The mens group is brilliant men do need to
talk about there problems and i know one or twe members that say it is much easier for the guys talking to other guys

Anyone male or female with genital lymph that does not feel comfortable or at ease posting on the forums about it please drop Pat or myself an e mail we are more than happy to hear from you


Silks xx
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