Subject: Would You Join a Tribute to an Amazing Advocate?

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Subject: Would You Join a Tribute to an Amazing Advocate?

Postby jenjay » Thu Aug 15, 2013 9:11 pm

I posted earlier about Pat O'Connor, whose contributions included creating the LymphedemaPeople website to give our LE patient community information and resources when it simply was not available anywhere else. His work was tireless, including several social media sites like this one to support the many lymphedema patients who needed a home to seek and share experiences and advice.

Pat passed away yesterday, and there have been many, many tributes on his various websites and on his Facebook page. There will be a memorial service this Sunday, the 18th and some of us are going to send flowers, in the name of lymphedema patients who have benefited from Pat's lifetime of advocacy work.

Would you like your name -- your screen name, or your real name, whichever you prefer -- to be added to the list of people who would signal to Pat's family just how many lives he touched?

I actually love the idea of using screen names, because that is how we know each other in our lymphedema community.

If you would like to have your screen name included, just post a 'yes' here, and we'll include it in the list of names to be included on a tribute letter that will accompany the flowers. If you would like your real name included, send me a private message with that information. I'll need to wrap this up tomorrow (Friday) to get the information to the funeral home.

It's a great loss. Pat was amazing, and his contribution to telling the world about lymphedema was truly unwavering.

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Re: Subject: Would You Join a Tribute to an Amazing Advocate

Postby blubrdfrend » Fri Aug 16, 2013 6:53 am

Please include me. I will be happy to send a contribution.
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