BIGGGGG Question!!!

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BIGGGGG Question!!!

Postby donsuzbee » Sun Nov 12, 2006 7:30 pm

First of all sure wish it were possible for many, many of us to attend the LD conferences. I got so very much out of the recent one in GA. And my mind has been thinking, thinking ever since.

I was so intrigued with the hereditary concept of LD, even the possiblity of it with 2ndary resulting from breast cancer. I have tried and tried to think of who in my family may have had LD. Several do come to mind, but back then we just thought they were overweight - lots.

I have had an "interesting" medical life. At age 9 I developed excema on both hands, much open sores, bleeding and then at 10 got blood poisoning in my right hand. My dad took me to a doctor that was 40 miles away from our home - quite far for then - everyday for a week and much intense home treatment as the doctor thought there was a possiblity my right hand may have to be amputated if the blood poisoning could not be gotten under control. I was and I still have my hand. Sooooo after the GA conference and all my research online, I find that "septicemia" can cause damage to the spleen, an organ important in lymph glands.
Well, when I was 14 I started having much, much aching in my left leg - no swelling that I ever noticed, but didn't know to look for. Just terrific aching that has continued all my life. I finally have come to the conclusion that the one thing that helps the aching in that leg is to wear a compression garment - I had a couple of knee things from when my husband had to wear them - so wear them at the knee and just a little lower. The aching is just like the aching I had/have in my right arm. I had the aching much before the swelling finally came. And then got very big. 60% larger than my left arm. The PT has the arm down to 30% larger than the left.

That is where I am at for the present - besides the LD in my upper right quadrant from BC and an implant that went bad.

I write all this to ask these questions of you:
Could I have had LD in my lower left leg all these years without much swelling?
Could this spleen thing have been a factor in first the leg ache then the LD in the right arm?
AT age 66, do I continue to find out or do I just do what I can to tolerate everything?
Have I gone medically wacko since being inundated with info at the GA conference?
God bless!
Susan B.
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Postby silkie » Mon Nov 13, 2006 12:48 am

Hi Susan
I love "the medically Waco"

I think we all do. For suddenly we see like a jigsaw things falling itno place that for many doctors never looked ofor or saw.

I had pains from childhood "Growing pains" was what was always said to me (i should be as high as the empire state if thats the case)

I still have the growing pains im 56

my legs at frist would go puffy especially my feet and ankles when i was small heat could cause it or when we did lots of activities.

Mum said i had BROAD FEET and high instep thats why shoes would never fit not the pretty ones just the old grannie ones with laces

I rhink they were pointers to a possible problem.

I also think any bad infection could possible be the cause of lymph damage (personal thoughts)

Also the huge change in hormones at certain times of our lifes i think is possible a trigger or causes some saught of interation that is the onset of primary

There are no lymph or lip diagnosed in my family before me
but there were signs that i can now see with being medically wacko
Wish a few of the Doctors that over many years and a couple of generations had been wack enough to question my mums and nanas


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Big question

Postby donsuzbee » Mon Nov 13, 2006 9:03 pm

Thank you sooo very much!!! I too was told I had growing pains. I remember going out on a date in my teen years and my leg hurt so bad I just had my date take me home - is that nuts or what! as I really didn't have that much opportunity for a date!

I just don't remember my leg swelling. I do remember one of my feet was not quite straight and my dad - like your mum - put me in "grannie" shoes.

God love him - he was trying to do what he thought best.

God bless!
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Postby silkie » Mon Nov 13, 2006 10:53 pm

Hi Susan

I danced a lot every opportunity i danced

i would have to kick my shoes off my feet murdered me

and the times mum wuld tell me off because my legs were sore

To much dancin she would say you like the girl in the red shoes

in the story lol
Its only now looking back i do wonder but i dont think knowing back then would have stopped me dancin lol

I still go O.T.T. when i have my music on more wobbling than a dance

the lymph version lol


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